Coloured Macadam Surface in Marple

Coloured Macadam Surface in Marple

Tarmacadam is one of the most popular surfaces in the UK and you will see it in a lot of public and private places.

Installing Coloured Macadam in Marple

Installing Coloured Macadam in Marple

We are able to install tarmacadam surfaces for you at your facility, we have a range of experience and knowledge in this industry which makes us specialist installers.

Coloured Tarmacadam Surfaces in Marple

Coloured Tarmacadam Surfaces in Marple

Coloured tarmacadam is great for aesthetic reasons, navigation, visability and safety purposes. It has many uses which is why it is so popular in the UK.

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Coloured Tarmacadam Surfaces in Marple

There are a lot of coloured tarmac choices, but we are the best at what we do. Our career has spanned decades, and we have established ourselves as paving and road marking experts.

Coloured tarmacadam surfaces in Marple SK6 6 are prevalent because they have many benefits and are available in a wide variety of colours.

Architects love to design these into their building projects for a vast array of applications from tennis courts, multi-use games areas, school playgrounds, tarmacadam driveways, bus lanes, car parks, and much more.

So why would architects or designers choose to use these tarmacadam surfaces in their design? Many would ask, and the answers are endless, but to mention a few:

  • Aesthetics - Painted asphalt brings the outdoor flooring to life and make what could be a dull black macadam surface into a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Navigation – The colourful macadam surfacing is a great way to navigate pedestrians on walkways, cyclists on cycle pathways, and drivers to identify bus lanes.
  • Visibility – As the painted macadam surfaces are vibrant and available in many colours, this increases visibility, improving safety and aesthetics.
  • Safety – From the above points, you can see that the colourful asphalt surface specification is great for safety reasons. It helps guide pedestrians and drivers, and players if installed on sports court areas.

We can complete many services, including tarmacadam colour spraying in Marple SK6 6 to various facilities, including sports courts, roadways, paths, car parks, and many more.

Please contact us through our enquiry form to discuss the costs for installing coloured tarmacadam or applying a paint coating to any existing area. Or you can look here on this link to find out everything you need to know regarding the colour spraying process that we carry out. 


Coloured Tarmacadam Cost

Knowing the various options brings you to the coloured macadam cost, which varies depending upon the specification you decide to run with and specify on the job. Still, all have significant advantages for various applications:

  • We can provide a colourful tarmacadam pre-coated aggregate that is hard-wearing, available as porous surfacing and is perfect for road safety offering improved visibility in high risk and low light environments. Other applications it is ideal for is car parks, nearby housing estate roads, bus lanes, painted tarmacadam driveways and cycle tracks. For further information, specification,s and colourful macadam cost regarding these products, please fill out the contact form on this page.
  • Acrylic tarmacadam paint is applied to open textured porous macadam tennis courts in your surrounding areas to create clear sports court lines. These are great for MUGAs, playground surfacing, tennis courts and multi-use games areas near me. Should you want any exact quotations or prices regarding acrylic sports coatings, do not hesitate to complete the complete form above.
  • Polyurethane anti slip coating creates a colourful tarmacadam finish when applied to open textured porous asphalt and is great also for sports courts but usually specified on harder wearing MUGAs in parks or to ageing macadam surfaces which need repainting.

The painted tarmacadam cost is slightly more expensive than the acrylic option but much less than other options.

If you require prices and quotes on colourful tarmacadam surfaces in Marple SK6 6 that we install, please fill in our contact box, and we'll get back to you with further details.

Macadam Colours in Marple

We have a range of macadam colours available to suit various facilities in Marple SK6 6 to ensure you are happy with the final results. We also have years of experience and specialist knowledge to provide you with a high-quality finish suitable for your requirements.

So whether you are looking for red, green or black surfacing, we have the right tools and equipment for you. Please fill out the contact form given to speak to our specialist team today.

What is Coloured Tarmacadam?

Coloured macadam is a hard surface painted with a specialist colour coating due to various factors, i.e. improving safety features, appearance, or sports courts' playing qualities near me. Coloured macadam is also used for other establishments and facilities, including sports courts, playgrounds and driveways.

You may find various paints which all have unique qualities. For example, we use a different colour coating on sports courts from the layer used on driveways and cycle tracks.

It is essential to let the specialist painters in your surrounding area know what to use before asking for a quote. This is so that we may decide which would be the best type of paint to use.  


Coloured Asphalt Surfacing in Marple

As local experts within the coloured asphalt surfacing industry, we may install macadam for various facilities across the UK and colour them to meet clients' needs and requirements. We have a range of different colours available to choose from, and we may offer advice on what would be the best type of paint to use on your surface.

Our colourful asphalt surfaces are installed using premium materials and high-quality products, so they are guaranteed to last a long time.

Our specialists closest to you in Marple SK6 6 work hard to produce high-quality surfacing at great value for money. Although there may be cheaper contractors out there, these may not use the same premium materials as us. Cheaper costs mean that their installations may not last as long.

We offer a guarantee on our work, ensuring that the surface will not fail as long as you perform the correct maintenance.

How does tarmacadam ensure consistent colours?

Our UK quarries and processing facilities maintain excellent quality management for clear colours and finishes. Matching pigments to high-quality coloured aggregates provides uniform colour and a longer-lasting finish that prevents wear and retains its appearance.

Should you pressure wash tarmacadam?

If your tarmac has moss and algae, you might be tempted to remove it with a wire cleaner, pressure washer, or harsh chemicals.

Unfortunately, they are not the most efficient methods as alternatives, even though they can solve the problems. Pressure washing is also a costly removal method that can scar your tarmac.

Should I DIY a tarmac drive install?

Because of the expert equipment and skills used to prepare the existing surface for a decent finish, laying a tarmac or macadam driveway, footpath, or other hard surfaces in or near your home is really a task for the pros and not simply a DIY job.

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