Anti Slip Macadam Paint in Kirby Corner

Anti Slip Macadam Paint in Kirby Corner

Most people chosoe to have anti slip paint installed on their macadam surface because it can improve a range of factors and performance benefits.

Macdam Anti Slip Coating in Kirby Corner

Macdam Anti Slip Coating in Kirby Corner

Macdam pitches are used a lot for sports pitches because they are relatively cheap, very durable, porous and they also need a low amount of maintenance. When acrylic paint and an anti slip coating is applied, it won't look like a dull tarmacadam surface because you can choose from a lot of colours.

Anti Slip Tarmacadam Surfaces in Kirby Corner

Anti Slip Tarmacadam Surfaces in Kirby Corner

Having your tarmacadam surface sprayed with anti slip paint can prevent fretting and damages that could occur and be an expensive repair.

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Porous Macadam Anti Slip Paint in Kirby Corner

Having porous macadam anti slip paint in Kirby Corner CV4 7 applied to an existing or new macadam sports surface can greatly improve its performance, life expectancy and safety qualities. The porous tarmacadam specification is commonly used when building outdoor sport courts as it is extremely durable, relatively cheap to install and does not need a great deal of maintenance. We always prefer to install a macadam sport surface on top of a dynamic sub base made of angular stones because this provides the strongest and most durable foundations for sport courts. As experienced tarmacadam surfacing installers in Kirby Corner CV4 7 we can provide you with detailed information on each of our products, please use the quick contact box on this page to get in touch with us.

When you have a new macadam surface installed or you decide to renovate an existing one, porous anti-slip paint is vital in ensuring the final sport facility looks great and plays well for a long time. We use an acrylic coating specification which is combined with a mixture of aluminium oxide and sand to get the right slip resistance characteristics. Porous anti-slip makes the court’s surface look and perform better, as well as protecting it from fretting and cracks which can be costly to repair. The porosity of this painting specification also prevents the sport surface from becoming flooded in wet weather as rain water can drain through it instead of building up on the court.

What is Anti Slip Paint?

Anti-slip paint is a specialist colour coating which is often used for areas like sports facilities. Non-slip paint can dramatically enhance the look and play of the court and may also improve the slip resistance. By installing the anti-slip paint the players will be a lot safer on the court, as they are less likely to slip and hurt themselves. This type of colour coating can be installed in a variety of different colours to meet individual needs and requirements. When painting a sports court with anti-slip paint, you will find that the painted surface will generally last around 3-5 years before needing a full repaint. Although by installing a polyurethane binder prior to the installation of anti-slip paints and carrying out routine maintenance, you may find the surfacing might not need painting for a longer period of time. If you would like to receive more information about the coloured surfacing we have available, such as driveways speak to our specialists today to find out everything you need to know. 

Applying Acrylic Sports Paint in Kirby Corner

You should always be careful when applying acrylic sports coating and make sure you have the work carried out by an experienced professional. We always advise that a full clean of the whole area takes place before any porous anti-slip painting is sprayed down. This is to make certain that the existing court surface is free from any dirt or loose stones which might prevent the coating from sticking properly to a court. We will always complete a thorough cleanse of your surface before applying any tarmacadam paint in Kirby Corner CV4 7 to ensure the most effective results.

If you’re applying acrylic sports coating to a nearby existing damaged macadam court in Kirby Corner CV4 7 it is recommended that you have a court binder applied as well. This seals up any cracks in the tired macadam surface and provides a base layer so the porous anti slip application will be smooth and seamless. Line markings can be sprayed on in a different colour to the rest of your facility to create an eye catching design which makes game scoring easy and clear for different sports including tennis, basketball and netball. You can choose which sports you’d like to play and have anti slip line markings applied accordingly.

We have a great deal of experience in applying acrylic sports coating to local macadam MUGA surfaces near me, please get in contact with us to find out more about all of our services. To discuss an enquiry with our team, fill in our contact form and we’ll offer you a great value price for the application of porous macadam anti slip coating to your sport court.

Anti Slip specialists in Kirby Corner 

As anti slip specialists on Kirby Corner CV4 7 we are able to provide you with the best standards to ensure you get the results you are happy with. We only use the highest quality products that are guaranteed to give you a long lasting and effectvive finish. Our team have years of experience and expert knowledge so you are sure to find what you're looking for, at a great price. Find out more regarding the work we carry out here - or speak to our specialists today to see how we could work well with you. 

How to Apply Anti-Slip Paint Near Me

Our specialist sport court painters closest to you can apply anti-slip in a range of colours to a high quality. If you're interested to know how to apply anti-slip paint, please take a look at the steps we carry out:

  1. Clean the surfacing and its surrounding area - this will ensure that the colour coating will not stick to dirt, therefore will not come away with the dirt over time
  2. Chemically treat the surface - this will remove moss and algae from contaminating the surfacing and prevent contamination in the future
  3. Repair minor cracks
  4. Install polyurethane binder - a PU binder coat will help the paints stick onto the surfacing better
  5. Apply the anti-slip coloured coating onto the court - this is done using specialist spray equipment to create an even surface
  6. Install line markings where needed, helping the players to score accurately - we may complete line marking in contrasting colours to the anti-slip paints to make them more noticeable

As experts in the painting industry, we can complete all of these services to a high quality without damaging your existing surface. 

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If you are interested in having non-slip colour coating installed for your facility, please enquire today. By filling in our contact form you're able to get in touch with us regarding your needs and requirements. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can with additional details on porous macadam anti slip paint in Kirby Corner CV4 7 and the costs to install these paints. 

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