Coloured Asphalt Surfacing in Douglas Bridge

Coloured Asphalt Surfacing in Douglas Bridge

Coloured asphalt is used a lot in the UK on all different kinds of surfaces, from roads to sports pitches and other landscape designs.

Colouring Asphalt Flooring in Douglas Bridge

Colouring Asphalt Flooring in Douglas Bridge

When people asked for coloured asphalt surfaces, they normally choose bright colours which stand out, this is because they want a unique surface which is clearly marked. The bright colours are great for safety surfaces to mark certain areas and lines.

Asphalt Sports Pitches in Douglas Bridge

Asphalt Sports Pitches in Douglas Bridge

We specialise at installing asphalt surfaces and also carrying out maintenance on them, asphalt colouring is sometimes part of clients maintenance plan because they want their pitch to look great.

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Coloured Asphalt Surfaces in Douglas Bridge

The coloured asphalt surfaces in Douglas Bridge BT82 8 are commonly installed for use on roads, car parks, driveways, sports courts and many other outdoor landscaping. Asphalt surfacing is popular because of its durability and long life expectancy for heavy use with vehicles on roads and in car parks. The specification is made up of stone aggregate mixed with a bitumen binder, a by-product of the oil refining industry.

Colour asphalt surfacing can come in many different colours depending on the design of the surface in question, the colours can be added by either using stone aggregate of a certain colour or adding a pigment to the mixture. Brightly coloured tarmacadam is often used for safety purposes as well as to produce a good looking design, for example to outline bus and cycle lanes, disabled access routes and pedestrian walkways. Many outdoor sports courts will be surfaced in macadam and then be painted with a coloured anti slip coating in Douglas Bridge POSTCODE] which both adds to the appearance and the playing qualities. We offer numerous options for colours and designs with slip resistant sports paint so please contact us to discuss this in more detail and speak about the costs.

What is Coloured Asphalt?

Coloured asphalt is a macadam surface which has pre coated colour chippings rolled with hot macadam. This type of surfacing is permeable which means water can drain through easily so the surface will not get flooded and unsafe in heavy rainfall. The colour pigmented macadam is a decorative surface type which may be used for many different facilities with very little maintenance needed.

Another name for the coloured surfacing is tinted tarmacadam, and this specification can often be utilised for driveways, children’s playgrounds and minor roads around housing estates. Different colours can be used to create a unique and eye catching design for a range of landscaping purposes. This can be done for both domestic areas, schools, universities and public attractions to create decorative and hard wearing outdoor surfaces.

Colourful Outdoor Surfacing in Douglas Bridge

There are a lot of different uses for colourful outdoor surfacing in Douglas Bridge BT82 8 which can help to improve the safety of roadways, define routes and paths, and improve the appearance of recreational areas. The specification is made by pre-coating the stones with a coloured pigment and then laying out the mixture with hot rolled tarmacadam. This method creates a porous surface which is great for urban areas as it absorbs any water to avoid flooding. Once installed the colour pigmented macadam specification is very hard wearing and can withstand a lot of use from cars on roads or in car parks and driveways. Find out more regarding tarmac painting here - to see how our range of flooring options can work well for you. 

Many local councils, schools and clubs near me, choose to have the colourful outdoor surfacing installed to areas which might be used by children or vulnerable adults to create a safer environment which is easy to navigate. The use of colour macadam in children’s play areas is also popular because it creates a stimulating and eye catching surface for the kids to play on and participate in a number of games and activities.

The use of matertint outdoor surfacing is becoming more popular for nearby domestic projects near me, as well as commercial use because people have their driveways and outdoor patio areas surfaced in the coloured macadam specification. If you’d like to find out more about this outdoor surface type, fill in our contact form and we’ll send you over some information along with an idea of costs for your colour pigmented macadam installation project.

Asphalt Colour Specialists

As asphalt colour specialists closest to you in Douglas Bridge BT82 8 we are able to provide the highest standards with the best quality products. We have years of experience and professional knowledge to ensure you can get exactly what you are looking for at a great price. Speak to us today to find what you require. Simply fill out the contact form provided and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We could also provide a quote to ensure you can get the best rates possible. 

How to Colour Asphalt

As specialists in your surrounding area inside the installation and production of surfacing, we know exactly how to colour asphalt:

  1. Pre coat the chippings
  2. Mix the coloured chippings with hot rolled macadam
  3. Install the colour asphalt onto the sub base

We can complete the whole of the installation process to a high standard. We aim to offer the best service across the UK and we will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote. Our installers only make use of premium materials and specialist tools when installing this type of surfacing. We complete the installations to the highest quality at reasonable prices. Although we may not be the cheapest contractors out there, we do offer the best quality installments.

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