Tarmacadam Surface Paint in Flockton

Tarmacadam Surface Paint in Flockton

Tarmacadam surface paint is great for sports courts as it can make you get the best playing characteristics from your surface.

Macadam Court Spraying in Flockton

Macadam Court Spraying in Flockton

Applying paint to your macadam surface is done by spraying it, it can add anti slip performance qualities to your surface.

Painting Tarmacadam Surfaces in Flockton

Painting Tarmacadam Surfaces in Flockton

Before any tarmacadam paint is added to the surface, we like to make sure that it is throughly clean so that the paint is sticking to the macadam and not the dirt.

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Tarmacadam Surface Paint in Flockton

It’s important to have the right kind of tarmacadam paint applied to your macadam court surface in Flockton WF4 4 to ensure you get the optimum playing qualities and that the flooring is safe for use. The specialist macadam paint that we apply to these MUGA courts is an acrylic coating which makes the surface more slip resistant, this is ideal for netball which is commonly played on macadam. Other sports like tennis and basketball can also be played on macadam surfacing as it’s a very versatile specification for sports courts in Flockton.

You should always have the court’s surface professionally cleaned before adding a coat of tarmacadam painted coating as this will make sure that there is a seamless and even finish once the coating has been applied. A binder can also be applied to existing macadam surfacing if it’s started to become cracked, this will act as a base coat for the paints and make it look better and last longer.

The specification of acrylic paints is created specially to maintain the porosity of a court so rain water is able to drain away without pooling or flooding the surface of the MUGA court. This is why tarmacadam surfacing is so popular for school sports facilities, as it can be used all year and through all weather conditions. If you'd like us to send you over a product sheet about the macadam coloured coating we use, please complete the contact form on this page and we will also discuss the costs and prices.

Sports Court Spray Paint Near Me

When applying sport court spray coating http://www.colouredtarmacadam.co.uk/colour-spraying/west-yorkshire/flockton/ to your macadam MUGA surfacing, it’s important to consider the design of the facility before the application process begins. You can choose from a number of different colours to have a single or multi coloured coating on the sport surfacing. The coating can be applied with different levels of slip resistance to suit individual sports as netball often requires a surface with more traction. You should have a think about the sports you’re going to play most on your facility so you can have the most appropriate kind of sport court spray coating applied.

Line markings will be sprayed onto the nearby surface in contrasting colours to help distinguish between each activity for a multi-purpose court which is utilised for a number of sports. These line markings should always be applied by professionals to make sure the dimensions are accurate and that they are clear and easy to see. Macadam surfaces in your surrounding area are commonly used for tennis, as well as other activities including netball, basketball and general playground games in local schools.

How Paint Tarmac Surfaces 

When painting tarmac surfaces in Flockton WF4 4 our specialists follow these simple steps;

  1. Clean the surface and get rid of any contaminants
  2. Fix the flooring if it has cracked in any areas
  3. Paint the surface in the colour of your choice
  4. Allow it to dry for a while

We have years of experience and expert knowledge in order to get you exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for tarmac painting for a driveway http://www.colouredtarmacadam.co.uk/coloured-driveways/west-yorkshire/flockton/ or sports area, we are able to offer you our specialist help. Fill out the contact form provided and we will get back in touch as soon as we can with everything you need to know. 

What is the Best Macadam Paint?

The best macadam paint is dependent on what you are going to be using the surfacing for. For example if you've got a macadam tennis court closest to you, you may look to install acrylic anti slip coat, as this offers great slip resistance and performance qualities that can improve the players experience on the sport facility in Flockton WF4 4 . Acrylic anti slip colour coating will be sprayed onto the surfacing to create a smooth, finished appearance. This differs to the best coating to use for playgrounds, as we would generally recommend using a thicker paint which can be poured out and rolled across the surfacing. If you want to find out more about the greatest type of paint for your specific facility, please fill in the contact form and we'll get back with more details. Or look here - http://www.colouredtarmacadam.co.uk/west-yorkshire/flockton/ to see more about the range of surfaces we have available. 

Coloured Tarmacadam Paint in Flockton

As well as the coloured tarmacadam surface paint we apply, another option for decorative outdoor areas is the tinted paving specification. This is a surface made of pre-coloured stone chippings which are laid out with hot rolled asphalt to give a coloured appearance without the need for spraying or painting. Many outdoor areas such as bus lanes, cycle paths and driveways are installed in this surfacing type.

We pride ourselves in offering the best possible service to all of our customers and we always aim to give the greatest value prices for our work. Please get in touch with us to discuss costs for a macadam painting project or the installation of a full MUGA.

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