Tarmacadam Tennis Courts in Raithby by Spilsby

Tarmacadam Tennis Courts in Raithby by Spilsby

Tarmacadam tennis courts can be used all year round because they are a fully porous surface, which means that water is able to drain through it.

Macadam Coloured Tennis Courts in Raithby by Spilsby

Macadam Coloured Tennis Courts in Raithby by Spilsby

Macdam coloured tennis courts are a popular choice of sports flooring because they are a cheaper option compared to some surfaces and they require a low amount of maintenance.

Colouring Macadam Sport Surfaces in Raithby by Spilsby

Colouring Macadam Sport Surfaces in Raithby by Spilsby

To colour macadam tennis courts, an acrylic colour coating is sprayed onto the surface. There is a range of colours for you to choose from to make it look how you want.

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Tennis Court Colour Tarmacadam in Raithby by Spilsby

If you're looking for tennis court colour tarmacadam in Raithby by Spilsby PE23 4 then our team can completely transform your sports facility. Open textured macadam is a popular sport surface for multi use games areas as it gives ideal playing qualities for a number of activities, applying macadam colour coating can give the surface better slip resistance qualities as well. Having these enhanced anti slip qualities means the sport facility will play better and can be used for other sports like netball and basketball.

If you're interested in having a coloured coating applied to your macadam sport court, please get in touch with us today using our enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with additional details on the painting process and the costs to colour coat your macadam surface with our specialist paints.

Tennis Court Painting Services Near Me

The specialist macadam colour coat is made up of an acrylic sports paint in Raithby by Spilsby PE23 4 with a combination of aluminium oxide and sand mixed into it. This mixture may be altered slightly to give varied anti slip qualities for individual surfaces which might be used for different sports. Applying the tarmacadam coloured coating helps to improve both the look and performance of a macadam sport facility, as well as protecting the surface from damage and giving it a longer life expectancy.

The macadam surfacing should always be thoroughly cleaned before any tarmacadam colour coating is applied. This is to make sure the acrylic paint sticks properly to the court surface and that no debris gets trapped within the paint while it’s being sprayed down. As long as the surfacing is properly cleaned prior to application, the paint coating should be smooth and even across the whole area. We can carry out these works for local schools, universities, clubs and private facilities so feel free to speak to us about costs and designs by completing our quick contact form.

How to Paint a Tennis Court

If you wish to paint your tennis court, it is best to get a professional to do so. Our nearby experts carry out the following process to create a top quality finish when coating sport courts closest to you:

  1. Clean the surfacing and its surrounding areas using specialist cleaning agent to remove dirt from the surface
  2. Put down a moss and algae treatment to remove and prevent contamination
  3. Fix any minor cracking in the surfacing using 2mm emerald stone mixed with PU binder
  4. Install a polyurethane binder coat to help the paint to stick on the surfacing better
  5. Paint the surfacing using premium anti slip paint and specialist tools
  6. Apply line markings where necessary

After we have completely covered the facility in anti slip paint you will see that the surfacing will have dramatically improved in appearance. This is not the only benefit of anti slip painting; the paint will also improve slip resistance and the overall playing properties of the sporting area. Should you require more information on the benefits of anti slip painting, please fill in the contact form.

Macadam Court Line Markings Near Me

With any multi use sport facility in Raithby by Spilsby PE23 4 the tarmacadam court line marking is important in ensuring that the game scoring is accurate for each individual sport and activity. Once the full tarmacadam colour coating has been applied, the sport markings can be put down in contrasting colours for whichever sports you have decided to play. The most common sports which have line marking are tennis, netball and basketball as macadam provides the best playing qualities for practising and matches with these sports. You may choose to have coloured asphalt http://www.colouredtarmacadam.co.uk/coloured-asphalt/lincolnshire/raithby-by-spilsby/ applied to your tennis court to protect it for a long time. Speak to our specialists today if you would like to find out more information about coloured tarmac. 

It’s important to have macadam line marking applied by experienced contractors as the area sizing for the lines should be accurate. The dimensions for tarmacadam line marking can vary slightly for each project as a full sized training court will probably be larger than a recreational sport facility or private tennis facility. This is because the costs for the full installation may be kept down for smaller organisations by reducing the size of the facility. It’s important to consider this when applying line marking as they should stay in proportion with the full area size of the facility.

Other Services We Offer

MUGA Line Markings in Raithby by Spilsby 

For a sport surface at a school, you may want to have different types of line markings applied which allow you to create a multi use playground surface in Raithby by Spilsby. With a macadam play area surface, activity line markings can be painted onto the area as well as sports markings so you can use the facility for lots of different things.

If you’re in need of a quote for colour coating http://www.colouredtarmacadam.co.uk/colour-spraying/lincolnshire/raithby-by-spilsby/ send us over the details including an area size and post code for the project so we can give you an accurate price. To find out more about our other services, please take a look through the rest of our website and contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our experts will be able to offer you additional details on tennis court colour tarmacadam in Raithby by Spilsby PE23 4 and surrounding areas, so please fill out our enquiry form now.

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